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The Jacobs for Cardiology Appeal

Jacobs have announced an ambitious fundraising program for 2023 in which the established and trusted independent jewellery retailer marks its 75th anniversary in business.


The Berkshire-based jewellers has always had close links with the community it serves and this bedrock commitment remains honoured.
Incredibly, over the last decade, Jacobs has already helped fundraise £136,000 for The Royal Berks Charity. In this coming year, Jacobs hope to fundraise a further £39,000 to make that total £175,000 to mark their 75th anniversary.
Their attention will be focused on the cardiac unit, to fund a refurbishment of the cardiac outpatient department.


Together, we are raising funds to redesign the Cardiology Outpatient clinic, buy new chairs, purchase and set up audio visual equipment which will be used to communicate important information to patients. Currently, the Cardiology Outpatient Unit at the Royal Berks Hospital does not have enough appropriate chairs for the waiting room to accommodate all patients.

Along with my parents Ian and Adrienne, we’re absolutely
thrilled to be celebrating this landmark anniversary. As one of the longest standing
independent retailers and family businesses in the area, it’s so important to us that we
help our local hospital who have looked after not just our families for over 4
generations, but those of our team and customers. We can’t wait to get going!

Adam Jacobs, Partner