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Jacobs the Jewellers, helping to boost the cardiac care outpatient experience.

At a time of great stress for families, the current outpatient centre within the Cardiac unit is less than comfortable, and is missing some key items needed to help those that attend the unit. 

For anyone who’s ever had to wait in this area, this would make an immediate, welcoming and calming impact for years to come.

We’re raising funds to redesign the clinic, build a new private assessment cubicle, buy new chairs, purchase and set up audio visual equipment which will be used to communicate important information to patients. Currently, the Cardiology Outpatient Unit at the Royal Berks Hospital does not have enough appropriate chairs for the waiting room to accommodate all patients.

The funds raised by the Jacobs cardiology appeal will be used to purchase the following:

  • Enough chairs to accommodate the volume of patients. We would like some of these chairs to be able to accommodate bariatric patients and we would also like some ‘flip’ chairs to put on the walls in corridors so patients have the option to sit when waiting in corridors.
  • A TV/screen. We would love to be able to present clinic information (e.g. waiting times) on a TV/screen and we would also like to advertise healthy lifestyle guidance on there as well.
  • A radio. We feel our waiting room is so quiet and it would be nice for patients to have some music to listen to.
  • New artwork for the walls.
  • Stud walls in the corner near reception to create a cubicle with a curtain so we have somewhere private for patients to have their BP and weight taken.