Corporate Fundraising

As a Charity there are many ways for companies to support us.

Company Donation
A one-off or regular charitable donation from your company could

  • Fund much-needed equipment, in whole or in part, or
  • Name and help to fund and maintain a building or area or facility in the hospital.

If your company would like to make a donation then please email to find out about the projects that currently need support.

Your business can claim tax relief on that donation, whether it is large or small, one-off or regular. And we always look to recognise major donations with a commemorative plaque where appropriate

Charity of the Year
By choosing us as your Charity of the Year, you can help to improve your company’s profile and create positive PR, it can help you to reach a new target audience/customer base and strengthen your connection with Reading and the surrounding area, all while raising critical funds for the Royal Berks Hospital.

How you could support us:

  • Make a donation for every sale or a chosen product or service
  • Encourage your suppliers and customers to donate to the Royal Berks
  • Sponsor an event and encourage staff and customers to take part
  • Organise a fund-raising event such as a dinner, auction or concert, paying for all the running costs so that all profits go to the Royal Berks Hospital.

How we could engage employees

  • We can organise induction events at your offices that will give your employees the chance to meet key staff and to learn more about the critical projects they will be supporting throughout the year
  • We can arrange tours for employees who wish to learn more about the work of the hospital
  • We will provide internal communications tools such as posters, leaflets and content for your intranet and internal emails.
  • We will support employees who wish to fundraise by suggesting activities to suit a range of interests.
  • We can offer volunteering and engagement activities for those who would like to get involved at grassroots level. Please email to discuss volunteering opportunities.

To discuss Charity of the Year opportunities, please contact us at

Staff Fundraising Opportunities
Encouraging your staff to become involved in fundraising is a great way to enhance team working, strategic planning and to energise people around a shared goal that is also fun.

You and your staff could:

  • Organise public or company-only fund-raising events such as dress down days, entertainment, raffles or auctions
  • Create team-building events which raise money for the Royal Berks
  • Match fund, with a corporate donation, all the funds your staff raise during the year.

To discuss Staff Fundraising opportunities, please email

Publicising your support for the Royal Berks to your staff and customers not only helps us to spread awareness for the charity and its aims, but also encourages people to take part, create their own fund-raising activities or simply donate.  So if you can brand your company vehicles and buildings, display posters, publicise events on your intranet or website or run an article in your staff or customer magazine, please let us know.

Events Sponsorship
Sponsorship of an event or newsletter can help you reach thousands of local people, demonstrating your company’s support for a cause dear to many hearts and helping to cover the costs of the activity, ensuring that more of the money we raise goes straight to our current projects.

Payroll Giving
By signing up to a payroll giving scheme you can provide regular and continued support to our patients. Regular donations provide us with on-going income that enables our hospital to plan for future needs.

With this scheme you can choose to give a gift each month directly from your pay. As the money comes to us before income tax is deducted, we not only receive your donation but also the basic rate of tax from each gift. This makes Payroll Giving the most tax-efficient means of donating to the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

For example if you are a basic rate tax payer and you give a pre-tax pledge of £10.00 per month it costs you only £8.00 but the Royal Berks Charity receives £10.00 (If you pay tax at the higher rate of 40% the £10.00 per month pre-tax pledge would cost you only £6.00). Your employer should be able to confirm if they are registered with one of the Payroll Giving Agencies who administer the scheme.

Matched Giving
If a member of staff is fundraising for us, would you consider matching the amount they raise with a donation? Matching any money raised by your staff is good for morale – and doubles the money for the Royal Berks Hospital.

Donate Directly
You may wish to donate directly to the charity, which can be easily arranged.  The two most commonly used methods are either by cheque or by BACS payment.  More information on both methods of payment can be found on the making a donation page.

Spread the word
Letting your friends and colleagues know of a charity events through internal email or notice boards within your company would be a fantastic way of letting everyone know what they can do to help support their local hospital.

PR Photo opportunities
If you, or representatives from your company would like to come to the hospital to hand over your cheque or donated items we would be happy to arrange this. This is a great opportunity for you to meet the staff and have a photo taken that you can share with your supporters.

With your permission, we can then post the images on social media and use them in media releases to help promote the Charity and tell everyone about the generous support we receive from people and organisations in our community.