Where the money goes

We can’t thank you, our local communities and businesses enough.

Recently your support has helped us to…

  • purchase an urology ultrasound bladder scanner for the stroke unit (£7,400)
  • purchase seven magic tables for our elderly care dementia wards (£35,000)
  • Provide 30 much needed new wheelchairs for use throughout the hospital (£28,000).

Over the last few years your generous support has helped us to…


  • a faxitron radiography machine – £70,000
  • 18 syringe drivers – £21,600
  • a fully equipped critical care patient transfer trolley – £70,000
  • a new lung function machine –for the respiratory clinic – £30,000
  • a state-of-the-art ultrasound scanner for rheumatology – £75,000
  • a paediatric ultrasound scanner – £70,000.

and raise…

  • £1.4 million to purchase ‘Robbie’ the Robot for the urology department
  • £30,000 to fund the purchase of a fertility scanner for maternity
  • £70,000 to purchase a BioVision faxitron machine for breast cancer surgery
  • £10,000 to purchase a Bioness unit for the stroke unit, which at the time of purchase this was one of only two in the UK
  • £37,500 for five Bladder Scanners.