This is how your support has

helped us recently

  • Over £23,000 raised for our emergency Covid appeal on Just Giving
  • Staff well being packages
  • £100,828 to purchase a portable Urology ultrasound machine
  • 30 new wheelchairs for our patients
  • Raised £40,000 from the ‘Cash4Coins’ campaign

Upcoming Event

Friday 12 February 2021

Paediatric Appeal Valentine Quiz


Helpful Steps to Organising an Event

How to Get Involved

So you’ve decided on how you’re going to raise funds for the Royal Berks Charity (RBC), but what next? Here is a simple guide to help you with the next steps:

Decide on a date

A weekend date may be easier for everyone to attend, unless you plan to hold your activity at school or work. Remember to check the calendar to prevent clashes with major events already planned.

Find a venue

If your event is too big to hold in your workplace or school, consider local halls or sports centres. Make sure that you book your location well in advance.

Work out a budget

Set yourself a fundraising target and make sure its around three times as much as you spend, otherwise it may not be viable.

Write a checklist

Make a note of all the things you’ll need. (For further help please see page 6 of the downloadable fundraising guide), such as costumes, equipment, and refreshments, then tick them off as you go along.

Set up a fundraising group then delegate

Fundraising with friends can be great fun as you can help and support each other to raise lots of money. Why not get creative by designing and making badges and banners.

Promote your event

Remember, word of mouth is a very effective way of promoting your event. You could also put notices in your staff or social newsletter. Contact the local news and radio stations to help publicise your event and remember to ask them to include contact details in case readers/listeners would like to sponsor you. Perhaps you could invite a local celebrity to your event which would help with its promotion.

Invite everyone you know

The more people you involve, the more money you will raise for the RBC. Don’t forget to invite friends, family colleagues and neighbours! Use social media to help spread the word further.

Keep a record of everyone who has sponsored you

This is good practice and also helps you keep track of who you need to thank.

Tell us what you’re doing!

Please remember to let us know what you are doing. We really appreciate the effort that our supporters undertake and we would love to hear all about your events. Please do send some photos (make sure you have the right permissions to use them) and include us in your social media messages. We can also help promote it on Facebook. We are here to help if you need advice.

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