We support projects that improve the environment around our hospitals.


Incorporating elements of nature into our environment has been demonstrated to reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, whilst increasing productivity, creativity and self-reported rates of wellbeing. Providing patients, and staff, with access to calm and relaxing spaces on a regular basis, can enhance recovery and reduce stress.

These areas also enable visitors to take a few moments in the small sanctuaries of nature to reflect and also give staff areas to relax when they are on a break.

It has also been shown that there are significant positive effects on everyone through Art in Hospitals. We aim to enrich our environment by working alongside departments and local communities to enhance our hospitals with inspiring visual design and creativity. You will often see the walls of our hospitals adorned with art for sale from local artists.

By supporting the provision of gardens, and uplifting art throughout the hospital, we aim to give the best environment for care and recovery.

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