How your donations are used

People support us for many different reasons and in many different ways, including fundraising, making a donation or leaving a legacy in a will. Your generosity will help to fund initiatives that provide state of the art equipment, research, improvements to patient environment, and staff training and wellbeing.

Whatever your reason, we want you to know that supporting the Royal Berks Charity will help to make a significant difference to the care and experience people from our local communities receive while they are with us; a difference that will continue into the future.

Your invaluable support makes projects happen more quickly, and to a greater degree than would ever be possible without you, and we hope our work inspires you to join us on this exciting journey to help more patients and their families every day.

buy the most up-to-date equipment

provide better facilities for patients and visitors

improve staff wellbeing and training for the benefit of patient care

support rebuilding and refurbishment projects

See how your money makes a big difference

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