There are many ways your company can make a difference

The Royal Berks Charity is proud to work with a variety of different companies and organisations.

Whether you choose us as your charity of the year, sponsor a fundraising event or provide gifts or expertise in kind, your support will make a huge difference to the causes we support.

The benefits for your business

As well as making a big difference to us, working to support your local hospital can bring real benefits to your business. These include:

  • PR and marketing opportunities to build company profile and brand in the community
  • Developing your reputation as an organisation that cares about people and it’s local community
  • Improving staff morale, motivation and promoting team work across your business
  • Attracting new customers and clients because you take your corporate social responsibility seriously

How we support you

We will work closely with you to meet your aims and objectives and provide:

  • Fundraising advice from a dedicated team
  • An exciting programme of events and projects just for businesses
  • PR and marketing opportunities
  • Hospital visits so you can see first-hand the impact your fundraising will have

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a way for employees to donate to a charity or charities of their choice through their place of work. It is a simple, tax-effective way to give. Employees can give a nominated amount to any charity of their choice from their gross salary (before tax is deducted) and receive immediate tax relief. A £1 donation will only cost an employee 80p as a standard rate tax payer, or only 60p as a high rate tax payer.

Gifts in Kind

Supporting us is not always about giving money! Many of the most successful partnerships with businesses come about when a company donates gifts in kind. Gifts could include equipment, expertise or even time. Even if at first glance you feel your business has little to offer us, think again – you may be surprised by some of the imaginative partnerships that have been forged! You may also be able to claim tax relief on your gift.

Cause Related Marketing

Many companies find CRM/affinity schemes are the most cost-effective way to enhance their brand image and increase their sales. Research shows that CRM partnerships are more likely to persuade customers to buy a brand than tie-ups with sports, music or fashion.

A CRM partnership with Royal Berks Charity will enable your company to connect with customers, gain a great presence in the community and engage with new audiences.

Charity of the Year

By choosing to support one charity over a set period of time, you can really make a difference as your efforts are concentrated in one area. A COTY partnership is a very rewarding way of involving your staff and customers in helping to save lives too.

Even if you are a large company that has a national chosen charity, you may also want to choose us as your local charity to support.

For more information on how your company can support Royal Berks Charity please do get in touch.
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