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Getting feedback from you, our local community is extremely important to us.

Your views on how the hospital works or could work better are really valuable and help us to do better. This is exactly what supporter, Jonathon, did.

Jonathon made a donation after getting frustrated that there wasn’t anywhere safe for him to lock up his bike when he came to the RBH for appointments.

“When I attended appointments in South Block I saw that there were quite a few patients’ bikes there like mine attached to railings and what-not because there was only a rack for two bikes provided. I thought that it should be made more attractive for patients to cycle to the hospital, as not everyone has a car (I don’t) and it’s good for health too.

I was concerned that bikes attached to railings etc. were likely to be a nuisance to patients with mobility difficulties, and I regretted that the hospital had provided loads of car park spaces but hardly any bike racks.

I made the donation because I supposed that not enough money was being made available for bike racks and I thought I could fill the gap, and also I hoped that the hospital might be persuaded to change its balance of spending a bit between cars and bikes.

As you see, it was a mixture of two motives: wanting to help and being a bit frustrated by the situation.

Thank you Jonathon for helping us help others who might want to attend the hospital on their bikes!