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West Berkshire Breast Screening Programme Launches £130,000 Campaign for Life-Saving Mammography Equipment

The West Berkshire Breast Screening Programme has embarked on a vital fundraising campaign to raise £130,000 for a new mammography machine. This state-of-the-art equipment will enhance early detection of breast cancer, significantly improving patient outcomes and offering a lifeline to many in the community.

Amanda Melhuish, Clinical Director & Consultant Mammographer, emphasizes the critical importance of early detection. “Breast cancer impacts countless lives, with 1 in 7 women and approximately 370 men diagnosed annually,” she explains. “Early detection is crucial for improving patient outcomes and ensuring that our community members receive the highest quality breast cancer screening.”

In a significant boost to the campaign, the League of Friends of Berkshire Hospitals has generously donated £32,500. Charlotte Haitham Taylor, Vice Chair of the League, stated, “Our charity’s prime objective is to help fund clinical work for the benefit of the wider community. We are pleased to contribute to the invaluable Breast Screening Programme.”

Further support has come from Cisco, whose team raised £18,000 by walking the challenging 100km Portuguese route of the Camino Way, and HPE, which contributed through participation in the Reading Half Marathon in April. Georges Lalahy from Cisco expressed pride in supporting the initiative, saying, “We are all pleased to have made a difference to our local hospital and community.”

The new mammography machine will revolutionise breast cancer screening in the region by reducing waiting times, minimising rescheduled appointments, and preventing unnecessary biopsies. “This advanced equipment will transform lives by making breast cancer screening more accessible and ensuring our community members receive timely, accurate diagnoses,” Amanda Melhuish added.

As you read this, another person is being diagnosed with breast cancer. Your support can ensure that everyone in our community has access to the best possible breast cancer screening, offering hope through early detection and improved survival rates.

Every donation, regardless of size, makes a meaningful impact. By supporting this cause, you will help greatly enhance patient experiences and ensure the West Berkshire Breast Screening Programme continues to provide top-tier care to our communities.


Join us in making a difference. Donate today and be a beacon of hope for those in need.

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Together, we can save lives.