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Reading FC stars bring joy at Christmas with Royal Berks visit.

We have received some lovely coverage on the recent visit from Reading FC players by Reading Chronicle this week!


Four Reading stars brought some joy to those in need this Christmastime with a visit to the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Club captain Andy Yiadom was joined by favourites Shane Long, Tom Ince and Tom McIntyre.

Baring gifts for children, the foursome sat down to chat with supporters and give some time out for their no doubt tired loved ones at this special time of year.

Nurses, children and families alike were all excited to meet some of their heroes.

Speaking on their arrival, one nurse said: “We love having them. They always lift the children’s spirits. They’re really good to us, give us gifts every Christmas and we really appreciate it. It makes a huge difference. It lifts the staffs’ spirits as well- it’s exciting to have them come in and have pictures.”

On the club media, both McIntyre and Ince were very humbled by the trip.

“Christmas is an exciting time of year for everyone but to be stuck in hospital must be really hard so hopefully we can put a smile on their face and bring a bit of cheer to their Christmas,” the Reading-born defender said. “Since the manager came in he’s been really big on it and I think it’s great.

“It’s an ongoing journey to get the connection with the community because we need the fans in the stadium, and we feed off of them.”

Ince, the club’s top scorer on the pitch, added: “Coming here and seeing the smile on their faces, and the excitement of receiving toys or a pack of Smarties, warms your heart. I think it is important that as a club we do this and show that it’s not all about football in life. The smiles we saw on these kids faces’ means an awful lot to me and everyone else at the club.”