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What is the Staff Health and Wellbeing Garden?

Royal Berks Charity has launched an appeal to create a garden that not only enhances the wellbeing of staff but also supports the Trust to achieve other goals: a zero carbon strategy, community engagement, staff recruitment and retention, improved health outcomes for the wider community and new partnerships with the town. We have teamed up with Food4families and Mulberry Tree Landscapes to develop the garden  so it compliments the new staff wellbeing centre at 17 Craven Rd.
Whilst we are making excellent progress on the gardens we still need your support to raise the vital funds needed to continue the work.

The importance of supporting colleagues has been highlighted over the last couple of years. Support obviously takes many forms, however, the idea of contributing to the building of a place where we can relax and take time out of our busy days to centre, rejuvenate or just unpack emotions seems just a wonderful opportunity.
– Dr Akmal Hussain, lead paediatrician, Royal Berkshire Hospital

Listen to Dave from RISC talk about our Health and Wellbeing garden